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I'd like to make an announcement Empty I'd like to make an announcement

Post by Fiori on January 18th 2016, 2:06 am

Hey everyone! What's up? You may notice I've become an Administrator but this is only temporary. My brother has a message for you but he can't bring himself to do it so he's having me do it.

The message he has for you is that this forum will be shut down. It's only been a short time since this has been around but because of what's going on in terms of real life he cannot focus on this. I've tried to tell him that he doesn't have to shut it down however his mind was already made up. I deeply apologize for this sudden turn of events.

I was thinking about maybe starting a new one but I don't think none of you would want to join it haha... I'm not sure if you really would but here is the url to the one I'm working on right now ==> http://www.pokemoncampus.freeforums.org . I'm not forcing you or doing of the sort. I'm just leaving it there.

All right now that I got the message out time to say my goodbyes now. It was short but I had a lot of fun. I will still be on PokéCommunity though.  Bye guys~. Wave

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