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Forum Rules [Please Read Carefully] Empty Forum Rules [Please Read Carefully]

Post by Kaiyu on January 10th 2016, 11:29 am

Hello there and I welcome you to the forum. =) Before you begin posting here there are some rules that you will need to know and follow. Please read these carefully.
Rule #1: Please respect the members here (including the staff) and you will be treated in the same way.

Rule #2: Don't start any flame wars here. This is not needed here and you will be given a warning. After the third warning you will be banned so keep this in mind.

Rule #3: Please don't post spam here. With the exception of the "Pokémon Forum Games" and "Forum Games" board this is  not allowed anywhere else.

Rule #4: Do not post inappropriate content anywhere. This includes your avatar and forum signature. If you are caught you will be banned immediately.

Rule #5: No threatening and/or harassing any members. If you are reported for either one you will be banned on the spot. This is NOT needed here so please don't do it.

Rule #6: Do not use profanity. This is allowed on the "Roleplaying Studio" board only and nowhere else. Also don't go overboard with this if you plan on using it in your roleplays.

Rule #7: No posting any copyrighted and/or piracy material. This isn't needed here and will be removed. If you disobey you will have to deal with the consequences.

Rule #8: Have fun and enjoy yourself. I don't need to explain this rule to you right? xD

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