Rules For This Board (Read Carefully Please)

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Rules For This Board (Read Carefully Please) Empty Rules For This Board (Read Carefully Please)

Post by Fiori on January 13th 2016, 12:29 pm

Hello there! Welcome to the fun and coolest place ever! Just kidding haha. All right so before you guys start your own roleplay there are some rules that you need to know and follow. Read these carefully and don't just speed read them. That's a not good thing to do here... Hmm... Now let's begin!

Roleplaying Studio Board Rules
Rule #1: Make an effort. Try your best to use correct English grammar. It makes you easier to understand, and helps to get your point across. On the internet, often the first and last impression that you can make is through text. We understand some of you may not speak English very well, but try your best. No one will laugh at you or make fun of you. However, if this does happen, notify the moderators of this board or one of the higher staff members and they will take care of it

Rule #2: Stay on topic. Every forum has a description. Before you post, please read the descriptions carefully and try to create topics in the section that most closely matches what your post is about

Rule #3: Title your posts appropriately. When you start a topic, try to give it a title that will give people some idea of what's inside. If you title it with something too vague, nobody will have any idea what your roleplay will be about so don't be lazy

Rule #4: Respect the mods and admins. If a Moderator or one of the higher staff asks you to stop doing something, stop. If a post or topic gets deleted, please do not simply recreate the same or a similar one. That's not a very smart thing to do...

Rule #5: Keep it civil. Please, no abusive language or profanity (this is "allowed" as long as you don't go "overboard"). No personal attacks. No messages intended solely to upset people, spread false rumors or otherwise drag down the atmosphere

Rule #6: Respect other people's fun. Before joining in a RP thread, please read whatever guidelines the original poster has put up and think carefully about whether your character fits into the sort of scene they're setting up

Rule #7: Don't bump threads. "Bumping" is when someone makes a meaningless post in a thread in order to move it back to the top of a forum, such as simply saying the word "bump" or "up" without adding anything else to the conversation

Rule #8: Don't spam. Because you should already know better. This will also make the Moderator's job a lot more easier

Rule #9: Have fun and enjoy yourself! I don't have to tell you what this rule means, right? xD

And those are the rules for this board. The rules may change so check back every now and then to see if anything has changed. Now go and have fun! Happy Oh yes and one more thing. The forum rules apply to here as it does for everywhere. Remember to follow those ALL the time because the Administrator will be watching on and off this forum. Keep that in mind 'kay? Wink

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